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The LED Light Wall at Bath Spa University

The new “Commons” building at Bath Spa is a state-of-the-art teaching facility provides cutting edge teaching facilities for 4,500 students.

The LED Light Wall a public art work seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the façade. The natural imagery created by current students links the content to both the surrounding natural beauty and the student community. This unique blend of modernity and history sets the project apart.

In keeping with the sustainability and environmental impact discussions with English Heritage and Natural England, the façade is designed to be a sympathetic reflection of the environment around it. The changing of the seasons, time of day, weather and temperature is echoed in the speed, saturation and colour pallet displayed. This demanded Ethernet control of the whole façade is an essential element of this. Indeed current stage lighting students at the university are being encouraged to generate and display their own LED content light shows.

From a design perspective there was a number of major challenges to overcome. This evolved into a highly bespoke light box system.

Design Requirements: • EPC Rating ‘Category A’ • BREEAM ‘Excellent’ • Front access for maintenance with a “Secret fix” system custom development of cladding fixing. • Flush with terracotta cladding. • Hidden Aluminium Frame structurally bonded to back of glass. • Ventilation to prevent condensation • 1500 Individually addressable DMX channels. • Seamless integration of power and data units within the light box and façade • UV stable digital print.

Digitally printed images of student artwork form a vibrant mosaic of colour to engage students throughout the day. This has been reverse printed to anti UV clear vinyl for extended lifetime. To present saturated colours when illuminated a 200% double digital print has been used. The LED Light is diffused with specialist high light transmission film backing up the print.

With intensive competition from other manufacturers NES Lightline demonstrated unflinching commitment to the project and through the design process. Expertise in LEDs, Control Gear, Light box fabrication, metal bending, anodising, Digital Print, Structural bonding of glass and fitting to site tolerances of millimetres. Keeping all of these processes in house proved vital to control quality, build time and costs. The final result was a project delivered on time and within budget.

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